Sofitel Governor House Luang Prabang – Laos

A french protected colonial Governor House Refurbishment. A long tradition of French governors who use to travel and collect handicraft combine with a modern timeless style: very pure and simple line that create elegance. Eclectic furniture and collected items will be a journey in the governor house.

p-sofitel laos plan

We relocate the entrance to be more effective and welcoming with local artefact. Wall column has been added on each side.


p-sofitel laos entrance

The new reception is take inspiration on local flavor and art&craft, with Sofitel luxury feel.

p-sofitel laos reception ffe

p-sofitel laos recep sketch

All reception functions are hidden into antic furnitures.

p-sofitel laos lobby

p-sofitel laos recep ffe

The Spa has received enhancement design to upgrade the level of service.

p-sofitel laos reception ele

The Passage is connect hub between  two area. We develop the concept to pass through the door it self by using the existing shutters design to introduce guest into the center plaza.

p-sofitel laos moodb

p-sofitel laos passage sketch


p-sofitel laos pass elevation

The Passage with Sofitel signage.

p-sofitel laos passage

All around the main corridor we add scenery to refer to the concept of the eclectic French Governor art selection.

p-sofitel laos master art

We also refurnish the 28 rooms to trigger a return to the past emotion for guest.

We add the latest technologie to support the Sofitel branding and artefact to create link to colonial period.

p-sofitel laos room elev


p-sofitel laos section

p-sofitel laos room art


p-sofitel laos bedroom


p-sofitel laos room

p-sofitel laos bathr moodb


p-sofitel laos bd moodb

A Luxury tent has been added in front of the restaurant to add a high sens of  Sofitel Luxury services and ambiance.

p-sofitel laos rest elev


p-sofitel laos tente

p-sofitel laos tent ffe


p-sofitel laos loundge


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