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Our team at Atelier Donatien Carratier is one of the most essential and vital roles for the project. Designers are in charge of designing the look and style of all the elements of the project. They are developing design sketch and idea. They will deliver new ideas and creative research to enhance the project. They will form a group to share idea, concept and working schedule. The team’s goal and objective is to make the project appealing for the client and clear to understand our drawing. Our vision is for not only focus on design but also to create an experience .

Donatien Carratier

Donatien Carratier

Lead Designer / Owner

Donatien has 20 years of experience in Asia, he manages projects as design director and project manager to undertake the initial design to final completion for major projects in Cambodia, Laos, China, France, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Donatien is trusted for his creativity and his sense of innovation.

Juliette Serene

Juliette Serene

Design director / Creative Director

Juliette has a journalism background, her experience in asia and france help to ensure that the new concept and development fits in with the client’s requirements and the image they wish to promote for their new development.

Servane Rangheard

Hotel Project Expert

Servane Rangheard has 25 years of experience in hospitality industry, management and follow-up of projects, with hotel groups as well as with independent hotel investors, in France and abroad. Today, with HO + Consulting and proud to share her fields of expertise with you so that you achieve your goals.

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Interior Design Experts.

At Atelier Donatien Carratier we are specialize in interior design, we handle project from client idea to full completion. our team can handle project in hospitality, residential, retail or corporate.

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