Vats Liquor Chain Store – China

Liquor Store Chain Concept

VATS, is a leading Chinese wine and liquor group in China, has the most extensive distribution network of the country with more than 200 stores. We develop a new store concept to repositioning the brand on higher market

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Vats Liquor Chain Store has established hundreds of chain stores in China, cities, autonomous regions.

They say a Liquor has to move on and get new modernity: something for hope I guess

- Donatien Carratier

Vats Liquor Store has expanded several hundreds of stores, forming an authentic liquor store network covering the whole China. Today, successfully listed in “China top 500 most valuable brands”, Vats Liquor Chain Store benefits from the persistence in implementing the core concept of “authentic products, top quality products, service, environment”, taking “authentic products” chain sales as main business, and carefully to construct the enterprise brand.


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A masculine universe is settled, along with burgundy materials, symbolizing wine and liquor color. The products will be highlighted with the use of leather and soft lights to enhance the luxury and exclusivity perception.

Project Details:

Donatien Carratier


Vats Liquor