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Organic Design

Organique Design is an endless source of inspiration for interior designer or architects. Mother Nature defined the references, proportions and balance in every single parts of the whole life system that we try to analyse, to understand…
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Luxury Tent for Sofitel ACCOR Luang Prabang Laos

We design a colonial tent to add to this stunning central courtyard an element strongly connoted, belonging to lifestyles of Columbus of the era in French colonies. We implement this tent in perfect symmetry on the existing building to respect colonial...
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New extension for So/ Sofitel Hua hin

Drawing his inspiration from nature’s splendour and French modern art, our well-known interior designer Donatien Carratier created two distinctive room styles – inspired by French elegance SO Arty and nature’s splendor SO Nature.   WHAT’S NEW?...
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