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Design Boutique Agency

Atelier Donatien Carratier has been helping clients with design skill to give shape to client project.

Designing and creating living space is so important.

We create value for Client by helping them to create their outer skin interior space, see our process below:


  • Briefing: evaluation and analysis of client’s needs.

  • Schematic Design: master plan and concept design development, preliminary budget,  concept,  standards, space planning, and sketches.

  • Design Development: graphics, special areas, materials, lighting, FF&E, etc.

  • Design Documentation: drawings and specifications, final budget.



Donatien Carratier

Manager Founder




  • the loft ekkamai


Built to Last


Visionary company, aim to last longer in business, great idea and vision will embrace evolution, design will be the skin of the mission.

Seamless support

Task management

We are built for construction, we implement a project quality system to follow the project from reception  to end-over of completed work to our client.

Happy customers

Quality survey

We implement a survey at the end of each phase of design, there is always a room for self improvement, it is a continuos research to seamless process to improve quality.

Creative team

Idea for success

Definitely we research idea and concept that has to be extract form the client spirit, we shape the idea to give birth to a project.

Ending benefits

Delivery and documentation

We are focus on the ending result with a good documentation easy to understand for other consultant, we always follow our partner in their duty.

Smooth communication

Cloud data

Boutique agency is extremely focus on communication we know good communication will increase the efficiency of the project.

Some of our clients

We worked with international brand, our client become friend, beyond that client aim for professional listening and delivery design, proper documentation is a key for their development.

alliance francaise

St Regis residence


club med charating


Raimon Land

  • We were looking after a house  with a sense of modernism. Donatien Carratier grasped our needs and produced a stunning design. When feedback was needed, new versions of the design or any modifications were made very quickly. We really appreciated Donatien’s flexibility and efficiency. It’s great to work with someone so open-minded and responsive.

  • We have been very impressed by Donatien’s ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the international development of our company.

  • Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with our demand, and beautiful work and documentation, great ideas came along the project.

Our folio

Browse through the varied folio of design and development work.

Atelier Donatien Carratier is flexible to meet your unique business requirements.